Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish Well it will soon be St. Patricks Day where everything will be turned green for the day. Whether you celebrate it or not, St. Patricks Day has become a festival day for some, much the same as Halloween. Big department stores make the most of these celebrations from other

Membership or Subscriptions for Work?

Membership or Subscriptions for Work?  Do you have a union membership or subscribe to a trade, business or professional association for work purposes? You may be able to claim a tax deduction for these costs! If you paid for the membership or subscription yourself and weren’t reimbursed, hang onto your receipts for tax

Review your Payroll System

Review your Payroll System When was the last time you did a review of your payroll system and processes? It’s not on the top of many companies ‘to do’ lists, but it should be. With the continuously evolving technology available to us today, as well as the legislative and regulatory changes that are

Rent out your Holiday home

Rent Out Your Holiday Home  If you own a holiday home you can only claim tax deductions for expenses to the extent the home is rented out or genuinely available for rent. Even if you don't rent it out, there are capital gains tax implications when you sell it. Holiday homes – not

When you can get a refund

When you can get a refund  When you can get a refund. Refunds aren’t always an automatic right. Businesses don’t have to give you a refund if you: Change your mind Buy the wrong size Buy the wrong colour. Some businesses still do offer refunds in these situations. This is their choice and not

Google’s new rule

Google’s new rule  These days a lot of consumers will search the internet and do some research before contacting a business. I’m sure you do as I know I do. And now with smartphones, the searching is even easier. This means your website must be mobile friendly and not just a compressed version