Google’s new rule 

These days a lot of consumers will search the internet and do some research before contacting a business. I’m sure you do as I know I do.

And now with smartphones, the searching is even easier.

This means your website must be mobile friendly and not just a compressed version of your desk top site.

Savvy business owners who invest a lot of money into their marketing, know that the longer they can keep someone on their website, the greater the chance of doing business with that person.

This is where pop-­ups are so valuable on a website. You may have seen them. It’s when you are on a website then a small box will appear asking you to sign up for their newsletter or complete a survey.

These pop-­up boxes are very effective in interacting with your potential new customer and gaining their contact information.

But Google is frowning on this practice for mobile websites. Google has announced as of this month they will push mobile websites that have pop­-ups further down their rankings, which means from page 1. And we all know that rarely do people search past page 1.

The pop­ups Google doesn’t like are the ones that appear in the middle of the screen. If they are on the side they may be ok.

So be aware if you are contemplating adding a pop­up to your website or if you already have one on place. Google may soon bump your site further down the rankings.

P.S.: Another announcement from Google is that if your website URL uses HTTP, your visitors will see a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar. Your website needs an “S” after the HTTP to show it is secure. Contact your web host and tell them you want to purchase a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. This will be starting on websites that have passwords or collect credit card details, and will eventually be on all websites.