Luck of the Irish

Well it will soon be St. Patricks Day where everything will be turned green for the day.

Whether you celebrate it or not, St. Patricks Day has become a festival day for some, much the same as Halloween. Big department stores make the most of these celebrations from other countries and ‘cash in’ by incorporating them into their marketing.

And you can do the same thing.

If you have any Irish heritage, use this to your advantage and build a promotion for St. Patricks Day. Make a reason for people to come and see you. If you’re not Irish use the colour green.

Have some fun with it and give your customers something to talk about. Any reason is a good reason to contact and engage with your customers. Even if it’s a simple email like this one.

P.S.: If you feel it’s too late to start promoting St. Patricks Day, start thinking about Easter next month.