The changing of the Season

March brings us a change in the season, and for us here in Australia that should mean a change to this hot weather we have been experiencing.

Some businesses have seasons of profits as well.

Summer time and warmer weather can generate more sales and an influx of new customers while winter and the cooler months can have the opposing effect.

If your business experiences these seasonal changes, and you know you will be coming into the quieter time of the year, what have you done about it?

Have you put steps in place to drive sales upward in the leaner times? Have you been prospecting during the busy months to keep customers walking in your door? Or have you told yourself you were too busy?

You reap what you sow so make sure that you are always bringing in new leads to your business for future sales.

P.S.: Some business are seasonal because of the type of business, ski resort for example. But even a ski resort can offer activities during the summer months to keep their sales flowing.