When was the last time you…? 

How often do you contact your data base or customers? Once a week, month, every six months, never?

Did you know that for every month you don’t contact the people that have done business with you, 10% on average will forget your business name, contact details or your business all together?

That’s a large amount of money you may be losing.

It is more economical to do repeat business with customers then it is to attract new customers. By keeping in regular contact, you will stay in their mind so they won’t forget your name, business or contact details. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

You can send emails, newsletters, postcards, birthday cards, vouchers, anything that educates the customer about your business and keeps you in their mind for when they need you.

So when was the last time you contacted your customers? Add this to your 90 day plan I mentioned in a previous email.

P.S.: The more ways you communicate with your customers, the more value you can give them which will increase the amount of business they do with you.