Would you like more customers? 

Well, while all businesses are different, they still have similarities. One way to increase profits is to simply increase your prices. A small increase in price can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Another is to negotiate a better deal with your suppliers. Can they give you a cheaper rate for the same service?

A third strategy is to ask your current customers or clients to refer their friends or family to your business. This may require you to put a little effort in to earn the referral or to give away a gift as a thank you, but the new business is well worth it.

There are many more marketing strategies you can employ to bring more customers to your business but the key is to implement one strategy, get it working properly, then implement another and follow this process over and over.

Enter these strategies into your 90 day plan with strict dates as to when they are to be completed. Hold yourself and your staff accountable to implementation.

P.S.: Decide on one strategy first and implement it. Once it is up and running start on the second. Don’t try to implement too much at once.